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See London Without the Hassle of Your Luggage – Storage Ideas

Planning a last-minute getaway to the crown jewel of Europe, London? If you only have a few hours or a few days in this awe-inspiring city, you need to develop a strategy to keep your itinerary moving without any hassles or slowdowns. The first step to planning your daily activities is to figure out a way to store luggage in London.

London’s old, narrow streets and crowded trains and tube cars make bringing a load of heavy luggage pretty inconvenient. Instead, you should opt to drop your luggage off in one of the many locations around the city for storage from BAGBNB and plan your day without worry.  

Hotel Options

Some travelers who are planning to stay in a hotel or inn in London can choose to leave their bags at the front desk. If you arrive on an early morning flight to Heathrow or another one of London’s city airports, your check-in time for your hotel may not be until late afternoon. Ask your hotel manager about leaving your bags with the staff at the front desk so you can explore the city for those first few hours instead of drag your bags around. Make sure the storage area is secure and not accessible by others in the hotel or around the perimeter.

Local Businesses

For other visitors, a hotel drop-off may not be feasible. Some tourists only plan on seeing the city for a few hours if they have a long layover in London. In this situation, you can choose to store your bags with a local business. Partner with a bag storage vendor like BAGBNB to make it easier for you to reserve your storage space and pay.

Train Stations

There are also many different storage locker systems located throughout London in train stations. Stations such as King’s Cross, Victoria and Paddington have self-service lockers allowing travelers to drop off small bags and other items for easy storage.

Make the most of your time in London by storing your bags instead of carrying them. Look for BAGBNB’s locations around London for the easiest storage solution.

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