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Berlin Subway

The Fastest Ways To Get To and From Berlin’s Tegel Airport

Berlin’s Tegel Airport is a main entry point to Germany, so chances are pretty good that you’ll either start or end your journey there. Getting from Tegel Airport to other destinations is fairly easy, and there are many modes of transportation available.

How To Get From Tegel Airport to the City Center

Jet Express Bus X9 or Bus 109 to Zoo Station

These buses travel from Tegel Airport to Berlin’s famous Zoologischer Garten – also known as Zoo Station. From there you can get onto an S-Bahn or U-Bahn train heading to virtually anywhere in and around Berlin. The Jet Express Bus X9 is a much faster option and travels approximately every 10 minutes, making the trip to the western part of Berlin’s city center at Zoo Station in just 20 minutes.

TXL Express to Alexanderplatz

The Express Bus TXL leaves Tegel Airport every six to ten minutes and takes around 45 minutes to reach the Alexanderplatz central plaza. The big advantage of the TXL Express is that it takes you to the Hauptbahnhof – Berlin’s central train and bus station – where you can literally travel anywhere in Berlin or to other destinations in Europe.

Getting to Tegel Airport on your way back is extremely easy: take any railway, bus, S-Bahn line or U-Bahn subway to Hauptbahnhof Station. From there, take the Express Bus TXL to Tegel Airport.


Taxis are available at Tegel Airport and can transport you anywhere in the city – for a price. Bus tickets and U-Bahn tickets will generally run you about €2.80 per person, whereas a taxi ride from Tegel to Alexanderplatz costs around  €26.00.

Important Destinations in and Around Berlin

Once you get the hang of grabbing your bus ticket or subway ticket – which takes around 5 minutes – there are tons of places you can visit in a day trip:

  • The Brandenburg Gate
  • Checkpoint Charlie
  • Grunewald Forest
  • Berlin-Dahlem Botanical Gardens
  • Langer-See Lake
  • Potsdam village

Relax and Enjoy Yourself

To have the most fun possible with Berlin’s awesome destinations and unforgettable nightlife, leave luggage with a BAGBNB angel near Alexanderplatz – or the location nearest your hotel – and move around the city totally weightless.

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