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Want To Enjoy Your Berlin Vacation to the Max? Store Your Luggage

Berlin has tons of things to do, from art galleries to gorgeous backdrops. If you want your Instagram memories to include a stunning dress and your pearl-studded neckline at the opera, that means packing extra.

One way to dress to the nines and stay comfortable at the same time is to plan your clothing thinking of your itinerary. When you get to Berlin, deposit any luggage you don’t need, and then pick it up again whenever you want. Where can you store luggage in Berlin?

Where To Store Luggage in Berlin

Near the Berlin Ostbahnhof

Berlin’s Ostbahnhof – a main railway station – is a great jumping-off point that takes you to the enormous Tiergarten gardens, Museum Island and virtually anywhere else. The station has lockers where you can deposit items and luggage for a fee. However, understand that you’re pretty much on your own here.

A better option is to use BAGBNB, a luggage drop-off service that allows you to make reservations ahead of time, store your bags for hours, days or weeks, and leave as much luggage as you want. BAGBNB’s angels – local operators – keep an eye on your bags to make sure they stay safe.

Near Alexanderplatz

The cobblestone walkways at this Berlin must-see spot are home to the city’s most romantic photographs and amazing architecture. The Brandenburg Gate is a historical marvel inspired by the Acropolis in Athens.

Near Checkpoint Charlie

No trip to Berlin is complete without a visit to the Berlin wall, Checkpoint Charlie’s old border crossing, and the East Side Gallery’s iconic graffiti. You definitely want to travel light here since you’ll be walking a ton.

Near Potsdamer Platz

This energetic plaza is filled with shops, great restaurants, attractive backdrops and an incredible open-air cinema at sundown. Leave your bags nearby to have your arms free for photographs and memorable kisses.

Visit Berlin Your Way

Leaving your luggage – whether for the whole trip or just a few hours – adds more than you can imagine to a Berlin getaway. Deposit your bags and adventure around cobblestone alleys, buzzing nightclubs, pristine museums and river vistas at your own pace. You won’t regret it.

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